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Ensuring the safety of threatened species in NSW on our busy roads

Have you ever driven down a busy highway and noticed a cute little creature scurrying along the side of the road and thought, “I hope he gets to the other side safely!” No need to worry, the NSW Roads and

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The ugly truth about cats

They’re cute, furry, cuddly and very lovable; however, cats are also natural predators.   Cats threaten our local environment The Park’s forests, wetlands and grasslands support over 200 species of native birds, frogs, bats, possums and lizards. Cats pose a

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Ask a Park Ranger – what do I do if I see injured wildlife?

We are always appreciative of the concern and care people have for our local wildlife and at this time of year reports to Sydney Olympic Park Authority increase for various reasons. Here is some info to give you some more

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Sea-eaglets ready to spread their wings

This year is looking very successful for the breeding of our resident White-bellied Sea-Eagles as their two chicks are growing well. Those fluffy little chicks have come a long way in the past 10-weeks, as you can see in this

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More residents on the Parramatta River than you think

Would you be surprised to learn that 360 native animal species call the Parramatta River catchment home? James Smallson from Parramatta City Council, who was involved in a project that set out to quantify how many and where animal species

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