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Helping or harming; should you rescue baby birds?

A fluffy baby bird seemingly abandoned on the ground will prompt many people to rescue it. However this is often unnecessary, as they are not as hopeless as they appear! The young of many Australian birds leave the nest before

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Hollows for Habitat Workshop

Did you know that about 15% of Australian fauna need tree hollows for shelter or to raise their young? Here at Sydney Olympic Park, we have many hollow-dependent creatures like possums, microbats, parrots, cockatoo, rosellas and owls. As hollows take

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Walking tours a hit at World Parks Congress

Sydney Olympic Park has recently finished hosting a once-in-a-decade event, the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) World Parks Congress. It was an incredible week in the Park, where international environmental leaders and professionals gathered to share knowledge, innovation

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All’s well that ends well

The proximity of natural areas to buildings and infrastructure means that sometimes our wildlife turn up in places where they shouldn’t be.The Brown Goshawk is a large bird of prey  with a wingspan of 70cm to 1m, most often seen

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Wildlife recovers from injury

We’ve had two creatures recently recover from different injuries, an Eastern Spinebill from a window strike and a Green and Golden Bell Frog, which had a broken femur. The Endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog was captured and taken to

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Casuarinas removed to improve frog habitat

Casuarina glauca or Swamp She-oak was the tree-du-jour when the Park was being established, and they were widely planted across the precincts. While the trees offer some benefit such as shade and screening of natural areas from traffic or pedestrian

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Creature Feature – Fairy Martin

Not all birds make nests out of plant material and feathers. The Fairy Martin, a small bird species (~12 cm and 11g) in the same family as swallows, make their bottle-shaped nests with up to 1000 tiny pellets of mud

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