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Ask a Ranger – why is fishing banned in the Park?

There’s a lot to do in Sydney Olympic Park. Fishing, however, is not one of those things. Why, you ask? One of our rangers, John, explains the ban: Would you feed weed killer to your family? All fish west of

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Ask a Park Ranger…what spring wildlife is in the Park?

In spring we see a lot of wildlife activity in the park. We have a range of wildlife habitats including forest, wetlands, lakes and grasslands. These areas are protected to allow wildlife to be, well, wild. Cygnets One of the

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Ask a Park Ranger….where is the best shady spot to escape the summer heat?

Looking for a shady spot in the parklands? Our Rangers spill the beans on the best places to chill outdoors in the summer heat. A shady walk in the mangroves Our mangrove forest known as the Badu Mangroves in Bicentennial

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Ask a Park Ranger – what do I do if I see injured wildlife?

We are always appreciative of the concern and care people have for our local wildlife and at this time of year reports to Sydney Olympic Park Authority increase for various reasons. Here is some info to give you some more

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Ask a Park Ranger – What can I do in swooping season?

Spring may bring beautiful blossoms, but we also have swooping season upon us. A range of birds swoop passers-by at this time of year, with Magpies perhaps the best known but our local Pied Butcher birds are another common culprit.

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Spring has sprung — 5 must see spots to see flowers in full bloom

It’s the first day of spring, and spring has certainly sprung all around Sydney Olympic Park. Glorious plants and trees are in full bloom and are a must see. Here are our top 5 best spots in the Park to

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Ask a Park Ranger…can I bring a BBQ?

With the changing of the seasons, BBQs become increasingly popular in the Park. We have 57 free public BBQs in our parklands however, if you like you can bring your own What type of BBQ can I bring? Gas BBQs

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