Top 5 food picks for major events in Sydney Olympic Park

It’s always a good idea to fill your belly before a big event. Here in the Park, we have loads of food options right outside Olympic Park train station. Here’s our 5 favourite places to eat:

  1. Ribs & Rumps
    Beef ribs, pork ribs, lamb ribs…
    Ribs, ribs, ribs!
    Just keep them coming by the kilo.


    Image courtesy of Rick Stevens

  2. Thai Palate
    Love us some noodles.
    Pad Thai, pad se ew, pad kee mao… All the pads!
    Noodles are magnificent and we love indulging on a night out.

    Thai Palate - 7.jpg

    Image courtesy of Thai Palate

  3. Oporto
    Who doesn’t like to treat themself to a late night food fix after the footy or a concert? We definitely do!


    image courtesy of Paul k Robbins

  4. Abattoir Blues Café
    A 1900s abattoir turned into a café serving insta-worthy meals. How hipster.
    There’s no other place we’d rather be.


    Image courtesy of Abattoir Blues Café

  5. Food trucks & stalls
    Yes, we know this isn’t a single food pick, but food trucks are a type, right? And boy have we got a lot of them during major event days! Pizza, kebabs, gozleme, nachos, hot dogs… We’re in foodie heaven!


    Image courtesy of Paul K Robbins

There you have it, a Sydney Olympic Park foodie bucket list. It doesn’t end here though, there are way more food options for you to check out!

What are you waiting for? Go on, get eating!


Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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