14 free things to do with the kids these school holidays

School holidays are right around the corner and we’ve got a great line up of FREE events that are going to save you money and keep the kids entertained. We’re here to make your life easier so you can enjoy a stress free holiday.

Here’s 14 free activities to see you through the spring break and make sure you check out our full Kids in the Park activities.

All you need to do now is sort out which activity to fill your day with!

  1. Riverside BirdLife

Love birds? Then check out this great pop-up activity by the river at Blaxland Riverside Park and learn about the different bird species around the Park.

Here you have the opportunity to ask all the important question. What do they eat? How do they move about?

  1. Operation Art

With more than 800 artworks by students throughout NSW, celebrate the creative talents of our young people at our unique riverside setting.


Image courtesy of Department of Education


  1. Heritage Hunt

What do sheep have to do with the safe storage of ammunition and explosives? You may be surprised! Newington Armory holds many memories, interesting anecdotes and fascinating stories that make it a much treasured heritage site today.

Search for “sheep” across the Armory and collect evidence that will help tell the story of why sheep were kept at the former depot.

  1. Bike Trails

Did you know there are over 35km of safe cycling pathways in the Park? Bring your own bike or hire one to go for a ride and see Olympic icons, spectacular parklands and areas of cultural heritage along the way while discovering our hidden gems including lookouts, bird hides, wildlife refuges, mangrove boardwalks, shipwrecks and outdoor art.


Image courtesy of Mark Watson

  1. Sports Stars and Dance Star

The always popular stars return with a chance to get involved either with your favourite sport or maybe try out your dance moves.

Learn new skills, play games, get involved, be a star!

  1. Birdlife Discovery Centre

Follow the trail to the BirdLife Discovery Centre, at the edge of Newington Nature Reserve and learn about the beautiful birds that share your backyard as well as those feathered friends who visit Australia for different seasons.


Image courtesy of John Irvine

  1. BMX and Mountain X

Off-road bike bandits, test your skills on 250 metres of meandering track, with wicked downhills and flying dirt jumps!

Whether you are a beginner or a pro,bring your crew and show off your moves.

  1. Brickpit Ring Walk

Have you met Sydney Olympic Park’s special resident, the Green and Golden Bell Frog? This endangered beauty has made a home in the Park’s historic Brickpit.

Take the award-winning Ring Walk around the Brickpit ‘pond’ to discover its history and the evolution of the Green and Golden Bell Frog’s habitat.


Image courtesy of Kraig Carlstrom


  1. Clue Trail

Ready for an adventure? We’ve got 6 different Clue Trails for you to choose from.

Whether you want to ‘Fly High’ or follow the ‘Path of Champions’, unravelling the clues will help you to discover more about Sydney Olympic Park.

  1. Crack The Code

Become an explorer in the Newington Armory heritage precinct. Use a compass to navigate yourself around the Armory and collect the clues along the way.

Once you’ve reached the end, it’s time to decode the secret message.


Image courtesy of Paul K Robbins

  1. Disc Golf

Watch out for that tree! If you love outdoor games but find golf frustrating, try disc golf with a frisbee.

  1. The Amazing Chase

Challenge yourself and your friends as you ride in an amazing chase around the park. Use map grid references to find locations, then solve the puzzles set for you at each pit stop.

Hire a bike or bring your own.


Image courtesy of Paul K Robbins

  1. Walking Trails

With 640 hectares of man-made and natural attractions and over 35 kilometres of walking trails, you can escape the surrounding city’s bustle to relax and free your mind with a choice of scenic walks.

  1. Walk and Squawk

Come for a walk around the Armory with our BirdLife Discovery Centre volunteers to meet some of our feathered neighbours and learn their calls as well as a secret about each bird.


Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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