Eagle update

We have an end to our story and unfortunately an end to another eagle.

Ellen, the vet taking care of the young female eagle at the Animal Referral Hospital, conducted an autopsy to determine the cause of death. This is yet to be determined as further testing and analysis is currently underway.

Samples were taken to test for Beak and Feather disease, Persistent Organic Pesticides, as well as her general condition, to determine if there were any other viruses or other conditions present. Feathers were taken for the Feather Map project and for feather transplants, also known as imping.

She was not one of our resident birds, but an intruder, possibly looking for her own territory and a mate. It appears that our resident birds are healthy and uninjured.

So while her death is sad, we look to the silver lining that has allowed us to learn more and contribute to other research. She was a beautiful bird!

intruder eagle.JPG


Park Ranger

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4 comments on “Eagle update
  1. Kiki says:

    Such a sad,sad loss of a magnificent bird, we need as many of these females to survive and breed. The space available to them in this area just gets less and less. She was obviously looking for a new home and the Park is such an idyllic place but we also know survival for these birds relies on them being ultra tough. my overseas friends are devastated and are greatly saddened by our loss.

  2. John Goodridge says:

    Although not a great outcome for a couple of the birds. Well documented and given it happened within the Newington Reserve not something most people would even know happened. Keep up the good work. I am a local and have observed these birds for quite s number of years now. Great blog 🙂

  3. john goodridge says:

    I would also like to leave an unrelated comment that may be linked in a round about way. You have to stop the drone warriors launching their drones from the hills leading up to the Parramatta river. Including the Woo-La-ra Hill. last weekend, early morning, I was watching the local BSK. I watched it quite early and was waiting for it to make its first hunting run. Then during my observation a couple of drones joined the area. The BSK went on its first look out for food and did its usual hovering observation for potential food, only to be chased away by one of the drones! I have no doubt that the use of drones in this area is not good. I also saw two men on another early morning hunting with 2 dogs on long leads around the last hill before the river. I know the Newington Reserve is quite well protected but we need to protect the surrounding areas also. Just saying 🙂

    • Nicole says:

      Hi John

      Thanks for raising this issue with us, it is much appreciated.

      We will investigate this further.


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