5 things to do at the Aquatic Centre on Senior & Pensioner free day

Are you an Aussie senior or pensioner looking to stay fit and healthy?

Our new initiative at the Aquatic Centre gives seniors and pensioners the opportunity to take advantage of one of Australia’s finest aquatic centres for FREE between 8am – 3pm every Tuesday.

So, you get free entry to the Aquatic Centre, but what can you do there?

Here are our top 5 picks:

  1. Lap swimming

Dive in for some laps to work on all your major muscle groups and a complete cardio workout.

Aquatic WMG 020

  1. Spa

Leave your stress at the door and let the hot water consume you as you slip into a state of peace in the hot spa.

  1. Aqua aerobics (additional cost of $14)

Increased muscle strength, alleviated pressure on joints, stress relief, reduced blood pressure…

The benefits are endless! Join one of our aqua classes for one of the most therapeutic activities around.

Aquatic Centre 0103.jpg

  1. River rapid ride

Who says only kids can have fun in the river rapid ride?

Let loose and allow your body to be swept away with the current.

  1. Steam room & sauna (additional cost of $12)

Sweat it out in the steam room for an overall body detox to improve circulation and open up your pores.

For muscle relaxation and lowering blood pressure? Nothing beats the heat of the sauna.



Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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