Taking the next steps in the Park – commemorating Reconciliation Week

It’s National Reconciliation Week and here at the Park we have been “taking the next steps”, as this years theme encourages us to do.

Our Indigenous Cultural Advisor and D’harawal Saltwater Knowledge Keeper, Shannon Foster, has spent the week with us and our neighbours, including Sydney Olympic Park Business Association, NRMA and Thales, remembering three important dates in the Indigenous calendar:

  • The Bringing them Home Report anniversary on 26 May,
  • 1967 Referendum 50th anniversary on 27 May and;
  • Mabo day on 3 June.


Shannon gives us an insight into why this week is so important to her:

“The 1967 Referendum is particularly close to my heart as my great grandparents, Tom and Eliza Foster, were leading activists in the 1938 Day of Mourning march which was a key event in the movement that lead to the 1967 Referendum and NAIDOC.

On Monday 29 May, Sydney Olympic Park authority hosted an unforgettable lunch time experience for staff to acknowledge National Reconciliation Week and learn more about the world’s oldest surviving culture. We shared knowledge about our local people, the Wangal, and our Indigenous histories and culture whilst indulging in some of the delicious bush treats harvested from Sydney’s saltwater country.


Work has begun on our Reconciliation Action Plan including a program of cultural immersion events beginning with lunch time yarning sessions and continuing with a range of other knowledge sharing activities such as interpretative wetland walks of our beautiful Badu Mangrove forest. It has been a wonderful way to commemorate Reconciliation Week 2017 with Sydney Olympic Park.”

So, watch this space for more ways you can become a part of our Living Dreaming and read more about our Indigenous history!



Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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