How to not be a grumpy bunny this Easter

It’s our favourite time of year here at the Park.

Can you guess why?

The Easter Show has come to town!

We can’t wait to feast on deep fried lasagne, pet the piggies and scream our heads off on the Mega Drop.

If you’re with us and can’t wait to get to the Show, then we have some very important messages for you to make sure you don’t become a grumpy bunny this Easter!

Step 1: Catch public transport.

Don’t get caught in all the traffic and road closures in and around the Park – plan your trip and catch public transport.

It’s included in your ticket so make the most of it!

Step 2: Pre-book parking.

If you absolutely, without-a-doubt, not-a-question-about-it, MUST drive, then pre-book your parking.

Don’t get stuck driving around in circles looking for a parking spot that might not appear.

Step 3: Check for road closures.

We don’t know about you, but we HATE getting lost.

You may think you know the Park, but even the most experienced of us can get confused with all the road closures that are in place to make sure you’re safe.

All you need to do is check out our interactive map and you’ll be all set to go!

Step 4: Check the Aquatic Centre’s trading hours.

So, you want to go for a swim…

Don’t we all?

But our Aquatic Centre staff need a holiday too, so the Centre will be closed Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Make sure you’ve checked for Easter trading hours before heading over for a splash.

Step 5: Be a happy bunny!

Put a smile on your dial, follow our how-to guide and hop on over to the Park for the greatest show of the year!


Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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