Exercise Boss Lift – an experience of a lifetime!

We have many talented people at Sydney Olympic Park who do their part for the community.  Our Precinct Operations team always have some great experiences, working hard to coordinate the 5,000+ annual events of all shapes and sizes so that they are safe and enjoyable experiences for our millions of customers.

We are very proud that one of our Operations Coordinators also serves as an Army Reservist and was recently selected to attend Rifle Company Butterworth in Malaysia for essential training including security, logistics and communications.


Image courtesy of Australian Defence Force

This unique opportunity was also extended to Acting Director of Events and Precinct Operations Michael Copping as part of “Exercise Boss Lift”, an initiative of the Australian Defence Force to provide managers with a deeper understanding of the skills and capabilities that Reservists can bring back to the civilian workforce.

Michael also travelled to Malaysia to gain insight into the defence environment and experience the Army Reserve training first hand.  In particular, command and control, logistics and security, as well as leadership and team-work involved in the Australian Defence Force.


Image courtesy of Australian Defence Force

These skills are key aspects in the management of the high security environments required by the numerous large scale national and international events hosted at Sydney Olympic Park.

When asked about highlights, Michael talked about the rare treat of riding in a C17 Globemaster III.   “I have been fortunate enough to do a lot of travelling in my life, but when going on holidays the flights are something I dread. Whereas I see the C17 flight to Malaysia as an opportunity of a lifetime.”

We are proud to support our Operations team in all the work that they do, continuously improving their skills for the benefit of Sydney Olympic Park and the community that use it.


Executive Manager, Community Engagement & Communications at Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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