Working with wetlands

From building a community’s resilience to natural hazards, to providing a home to the many species of wildlife in the Park, wetlands offer an abundance of vales and benefits.

World Wetlands Day, which is celebrated on 2 February each year, gives us the opportunity to raise public awareness and promote the value of these wetlands. The day celebrates the signing of world’s first treaty for the conservation of the nature in 1971 in the city of Ramsar in Iran, now known as the Ramsar Convention.

With the ever-increasing natural disasters linked to Climate Change and Sea Level Rise, this years core message is Wetlands for Disaster Reduction.

boardwalk through Badu Mangroves in Bicentennial Park

Badu Mangroves in Bicentennial Park

Here at Sydney Olympic Park, we are very passionate about everything our wetlands provide for the Park. So, what will we be doing to help the cause?

  • Through our Wetland Education and Training (WET) Program, we will be co-hosting the NSW Wetland Forum at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre on 2 February 2017 along with Wetland Care Australia. Our very own Wetlands and Education experts will be presenting at the forum, with their focus being effective modes of community engagement in managing local wetlands, building awareness, education programs and professional training – all with the aim of wetland conservation.
  • Our school education initiatives, which range from daily wetlands excursions attracting 25,000 primary and secondary school students each year to conservation-focussed school festivals like the Youth Eco Summit, will focus on the importance of wetlands.
  • We will showcase Australia’s longest running Wetland Education and Training (WET) Program which has been delivering much needed hands-on training to wetland professionals for over 14 years.

World Wetlands Day gives everyone in the community a chance to be part of something important. Come to Sydney Olympic Park and do your bit for our wetlands!


Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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