Movies by the Boulevard: Recognising the stars

‘Movies by the Boulevard’ is now in full swing and to get in the Hollywood spirit of blockbuster movies on demand, we list our top 5 famous faces from this summer’s hit program:

  1. Ty Burrell in Storks

Our favourite ‘Modern Family’ dad is back!

Nobody plays the dad role better than Ty Burrell and we’re sure those dads jokes are going to bring out the cringe along with the giggles.


  1. Kevin Hart in The Secret Life of Pets

Everyone loves a good laugh, and who better to give that to us than funny man Kevin Hart?

A small, cute bunny with a bad attitude is bound to have us all rolling around in the grass in hysterics!


  1. Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters

Who knew the God of Thunder had a funny bone to go with all those muscles?

Taking gender stereotypes and reversing the roles, we see Australia’s favourite Avenger hilariously take on the good looking, yet not so smart secretary in what may be one of last year’s best reboots.

Ghostbusters Day 36

  1. Whoopi Goldberg in The Lion King

What we can safely say to be one of our all time favourite childhood movies, The Lion King, is truly a work of art, and one of its artists has been entertaining us for as long as we can remember!

Voicing the cackling hyena Shenzi, Whoopi is all of our childhood memories for not only this classic, but also others like ‘Sister Act’.


  1. Bill Murray in The Jungle Book

This award winning actor makes a double appearance in this year’s line up.

A guest appearance in ‘Ghostbusters’ had us all feeling a little nostalgic, and it doesn’t end there with his role in the reboot of a childhood classic, ‘The Jungle Book’, as big bear Baloo.


Check out the full program and plan your next night out at the Park!


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