Five ways to cool down quickly in the Park

It’s almost 40 degrees outside. The kids are home for school holidays. You’ve run out of ideas on where to take them. So, what now?

We’ve got you covered.

There is so much to do to escape from the heat in Sydney Olympic Park and we’ve narrowed the list to 5 ways to cool down:

  1. Water feature cooling effects

It’s all in the science.

When water evaporates it provides a natural cooling effect. Our many water features around the Park, including the Olympic Cauldron and the Treillage Tower,  create a cool oasis for you to sit down and enjoy the outdoors even in this scorching heat.


  1. Aquatic Centre

Well this one is pretty obvious. Who doesn’t love a swim on a sweltering hot day?

Get to the Aquatic Centre nice and early to skip the queue and splash around in one of the many pools inside to suit everyone’s water temperature needs.

Splashers water playground.jpg

  1. The shade of Fig Grove

Sydney Olympic Park’s historic abattoir past lives on in the mature fig trees that line the Fig Grove water feature and provide an abundance of shade.

Grab a picnic basket and sit underneath one of these beautiful barriers from the sun while at the same time cooling down next to one of our most popular water features.


  1. Ice cream

On the little corner of Showground Road and Dawn Fraser Road, there sits a little slice of heaven we like to call Cold Rock Ice Creamery where not only can you eat ice cream, but you can make it your own with all your favourite trimmings!

So when I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream, don’t just sit there and listen to the whinging, treat yourself with that sweet, ice-cold goodness.

Sydney Olympic Park_Cold Rock 0001.jpg

  1. Blaxland Riverside Park water play



Our two favourite words when we think of summer and school holidays.

Get yourself and the family to the water play feature at Blaxland Riverside Park for a wet day of outdoor fun!



Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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2 comments on “Five ways to cool down quickly in the Park
  1. Elaine Mitchell says:

    It would be lovely to see these on a park map. I live locally but wouldn’t know where to find some of these great options Thanks

    • Susan says:

      Hi Elaine. Great point! You can find these places on our interactive map on our website – just use the search bar to find Aquatic Centre, Cold Rock and Blaxland Riverside Park. Fig Grove is on Olympic Boulevard, opposite the Novotel, but we’ll get it added to the map. Thanks, Susan

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