Top 5 exercise spots in Sydney Olympic Park to drop those Christmas kilos

New Year’s resolutions… we all make them but how many of us actually stick with them?

After an adrenaline-charged holiday of Netflix and Boxing Day sales, many of our resolutions will consist of more exercise and saving money in 2017.

But gym memberships can be expensive; especially after that “to me, from me” Christmas gift.

Well, here’s our gift to you: the top 5 places to exercise in Sydney Olympic Park without the hefty price tag.

Let’s count down our favourite spots into the New Year:

5. Swim at the Aquatic Centre

Whip yourself into shape at Sydney’s best Aquatic Centre! A quick swim will boost your metabolism, burn those pesky calories, and raise your endorphins for a natural mood enhancer.

Love the water but lap swimming is just not for you? Not a problem. Check out one of our aqua aerobics classes.

So, grab your togs, get your Thorpie on and break your personal best in ‘The World’s Fastest Pool’.


4. The Markers

Sometimes exercise feels like you’re just running in circles…

Why not take the literal approach and make it fun?

Head to one of our spiralling pathways at The Markers with a friend and run circles around them while taking in the spectacular views.

3. Bike Safari Circuits

Get on your bike and cycle through more than 35 kilometres of cycle ways through the Park.

With our bike safari map you can explore all the Park has to offer while getting in a great workout at the same time!

2. Outdoor Gyms

Love the gym but don’t want to spend summer indoors? Here’s a solution for you… head to our outdoor gym in Bicentennial Park or on the corner of Herb Elliot and Australia Ave.

Just don’t forget your hat, sunscreen and lots of water!


And now for our top pick…

*Drum roll*

1. Treillage Viewing Platform

Get those glutes burning and step your way up 3 storeys of staircases to the 17 metre high viewing platform.

Set yourself a goal and when it’s complete reward yourself with breathtaking views of Bicentennial Park, Parramatta River and the city skyline.

Bicentennial park.JPG


Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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