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Managing pests in the Park

It’s summer. You’re out taking a walk in the sunshine. The birds are chirping and the water is calm. Suddenly you feel something bite you. It’s those pesky mosquitoes again. Unfortunately mosquitoes like to come out and play at the

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Team work to do clean work

What do you get when you mix litter with a group of employees? A great result for the environment! Sydney Olympic Park Authority has joined up with Conservation Volunteers Australia to deliver an exciting array of employee engagement opportunities in the

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Water quality to improve water play

Summer is right around the corner and the one thing at the top of everyone’s mind is cooling down with some fun at Blaxland Riverside Park’s water play. We want to make sure that you are always having not only

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Managing fire risks in Sydney Olympic Park

As the weather in Sydney heats up, so do the risks around fires in Sydney Olympic Park. Making sure our residents, workers, visitors, wildlife and Parklands are safe has always been a priority, and this is intensified during fire season.

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