Discovering the Millennium Parklands Railway

Not many people know that Sydney Olympic Park has its own heritage railway, so we asked our own ‘fat controller’ Todd to share more about this unique asset.

The Millennium Parklands Railway at Sydney Olympic Park’s Newington Armory has been in almost continuous use since its construction in 1909. Built to move munitions within the site of the original Australian Navy Armament Depot the railway was converted for passenger use following the handover of the RANAD site to the Olympic Co-ordination Authority in 1999 and subsequently the Sydney Olympic Park Authority in 2001. Full accreditation, under the Rail Safety Act, to operate a passenger service, was granted in 2003 following the design and construction of unique narrow gauge passenger carriages.

_PKR0748 Heritage train.jpg

Image courtesy of Paul K Robbins

To maintain Sydney Olympic Park Authority’s accreditation to operate the train and carry passengers, the railway, including the locomotives, passenger carriages, historical rollingstock and the rail track and points are inspected annually by the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR). The regulator audits the operating systems, train driver and guard/ guide medical certification and training, records of train movements, including a unique voice activated recording of train driver and guard communication, passenger numbers, track and rollingstock inspection and maintenance records, incident reporting and risk assessment records and procedures.

The Armory Railway guided tours are available for all ages so get the family together and book a tour for a historic adventure.


Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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