Ask a Park Ranger…what spring wildlife is in the Park?

In spring we see a lot of wildlife activity in the park. We have a range of wildlife habitats including forest, wetlands, lakes and grasslands. These areas are protected to allow wildlife to be, well, wild.

One of the special events this spring was the hatching of 3 cygnets for our Australian Black Swans on Lake Belvedere. If you have visited recently perhaps you have seen them. The cygnets are growing quickly on their diet of native food around the lake (no feeding please, they need a proper diet to grow healthy).


Adult keeping a close eye on the new cygnets

Bees have also been seen on the move in the park. At this time of year hives often split with one half of the hive moving out to find a new place to live. We were lucky enough to see this swarm taking a rest from flying in the recent high winds.

Hanging out
Of course the park is also a great place for people and wildlife to hang out. The islands in Lake Belvedere provide a secure place for nesting, grooming and other activities. There are many great viewing locations surrounding the lake to view this activity close-up and without disturbing the animals as they go about their lives.


While some birds take a nap, others get on with the important grooming process

Have you noticed that our Kookaburras do not beg?
Our park Kookaburras are a very well mannered bunch. No begging or stealing food as you find in some parks. Our kookaburras have an abundance of native food available in the park – so much better than a stolen sausage for them. When animals are not fed they exhibit their normal behaviour and you get an authentic wildlife experience.


One of our very well mannered Kookaburras at Concord West


Manager Green Ranger Team, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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