‘Gotta catch em all’…tips for playing Pokémon Go at the Park

Image of Pokemon in Sydney Olympic Park Pokemon outside ANZ Stadium

Yes, that’s right; we are talking Pokémon Go, the craze that seems to have taken over the world at the moment.

There are some real positive outcomes to playing this game where people are getting outdoors, exploring their surrounds and being active, which we love!

If you are coming out to Sydney Olympic Park (which I am informed does have some Poke Stops) we want to keep you and others safe, and have these tips to share

1. Be aware of others, we are a busy place
Sydney Olympic Park can be a very busy location with over 5,000 events held each year and nearly 3 million visitors to our parklands. For your safety and those around you please be aware of your surroundings to avoid accident or injury. This is especially the case near children’s playgrounds.

2. Stay on the pathways in our wildlife protection areas
There are 400-hecatares within Sydney Olympic Park deemed Wildlife Protection Areas. In these areas, you must stay on the pathways to help to protect the Park’s native wildlife.

3. Be aware of possible hazards — cyclists, cars, lakes, rivers
Please be aware of your surrounds and possible hazards. Do not play the game when crossing a road or car park. Be aware of cyclists and pedestrians on the pathways. Also, be mindful of the many different water bodies around the Park such as lakes and rivers.

4. Spend some time playing, then appreciate the outdoors
You have made it out here, you have caught some Pokémon. Now put your device away, enjoy the outdoors and our beautiful parklands!

So, I won’t hold you up anymore, because I know you: “Gotta catch em all!”

Pokemon ball

Disclaimer: No Pokémon were harmed in the creation of this blog post



Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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