Green light for kids’ cycle track


New line markings on bike track at Concord West in Bicentennial ParkThe kids’ cycle track next to Concord West Playground in Bicentennial Park is now just a bit more fun with brand new line markings!

The children can have fun pretending to participate in road rules with give way signs, traffic lights, speed limits and roundabouts painted onto the pathway.

There is even a section for the young ones to pretend to visit the mechanic, car wash or petrol station.

So come on down, bring your bike, helmet and have a go!

Roundabout, give way sign and traffic light markings on pathway

Concord West Playground
The bike track is right next to Concord West Playground, which we have just refurbished. Find out more 

Where will I find it?
This area is located on the eastern side of Bicentennial Park with entry via Victoria Avenue in Concord West.


Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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One comment on “Green light for kids’ cycle track
  1. Joey says:

    Savannah, that’s awesome! Nice to see the pics, now the kids can have fun with these new addition to the track. Thanks a lot for sharing the pics..

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