The ugly truth about cats

They’re cute, furry, cuddly and very lovable; however, cats are also natural predators.

Cat with bird in mouth

Photo Chris Tzaros – Birds, Bush and Beyond


Double-barred finch, photo by Nevil LazarusCats threaten our local environment
The Park’s forests, wetlands and grasslands support over 200 species of native birds, frogs, bats, possums and lizards.

Cats pose a significant threat to these animals putting native animals at risk.

What we are doing
We are implementing an ongoing cat management program to Red-browed finchprotect the Park’s native wildlife from feral and roaming domestic cats.

Over 400 hectares of the Park has been declared a ‘Wildlife Protection Area’ under the NSW Companion Animals Act 1998. Cats are prohibited in this area. Any cats found may be taken to a nearby holding facility where they will be checked for a microchip or other identification. Owners will be contacted to collect their cats; unidentified domestic cats will be taken to the pound. Owners may also receive a fine.

Werb Fair-wren, photo by Alistair McKeoghhat you can do
Most cat owners understand the need to keep their cat indoors and the harm caused by dumping unwanted animals.

People living near the Park are requested to help to protect our native wildlife by keeping cats indoors, particularly at night.

View our Cat Management Program Fact Sheet


Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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