New look for What’s On?

New design of What's On? brochureJane Wilkinson our Acting What’s On? Campaign Manager has shared a little bit of the behind the scenes around the new look of our What’s On? brochure…

“The concept of sustainability or “green” is not a new one. We live in a world where solar-paneled homes and battery-powered cars are the norm, and in the office recycling bins and reading reports online is expected.

Sydney Olympic Park Authority, building on its environmental legacy, seeks to set a high standard of environmental performance, and works to improve the Park’s sustainability. One particular area of concentration is our printing and that’s why we decided to refine our What’s On? brochure and reduce paper.

We conducted research to find out what’s important to our What’s On? members, including their thoughts on layout, usefulness/relevance of sections, amount of content, and whether their requirements were being met.

Listening to our readers and collating feedback we’ve designed a sleek new brochure, with less pages, made it easier to read, and enhanced the calendar. We printed on stock that’s environmentally sustainable and recyclable, using vegetable-based ink.

In addition, we encourage our readers to jump online and sign up for our What’s On? eNews. This up-to-date fortnightly bulletin ensures our members never miss a fun day out.

We hope you enjoy the new read!”


Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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