Ask a Park Ranger….where is the best shady spot to escape the summer heat?

Looking for a shady spot in the parklands? Our Rangers spill the beans on the best places to chill outdoors in the summer heat.

birds under tree

Birds know best – Find a shady spot under a tree

A shady walk in the mangroves
Our mangrove forest known as the Badu Mangroves in Bicentennial Park is always cool and shaded. In the heat of the day you can entertain the kids with a walk along our floating boardwalks. See crabs, fish and birds as you explore the forest.

A picnic under the trees at Blaxland Blaxland Riverside Park treesRiverside Park
If you like the sound of the wind whispering through the she-oaks then the southern areas of Blaxland Riverside Park are a perfect spot to take a break from the play equipment while the family cooks lunch on the nearby BBQ.



Lake Belvedere Slow the pace for a peaceful afternoon at Lake Belvedere
Mature Eucalypt plantings on the shores of Lake Belvedere in Bicentennial Park provide lovely shade with water views. Toilets and a café close-by make this a great spot to visit.



Trees near treillageEast/West tree corridor

The East/West tree lined corridor leading from the Treillage in Bicentennial Park has plenty of shade trees and near-by water for the kids to play.




Or wait til the late afternoon…
Late afternoon and early evening, the parklands are both stunning and cool. It is a perfect time for the family to have a picnic or BBQ for the evening meal. The parklands are open until sunset each day.

All the pictures in this article were taken around midday so you have a great idea of the level of shade provided at that time of the day!


Manager Green Ranger Team, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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