Spring has sprung — 5 must see spots to see flowers in full bloom

It’s the first day of spring, and spring has certainly sprung all around Sydney Olympic Park. Glorious plants and trees are in full bloom and are a must see.

Here are our top 5 best spots in the Park to see the beauty of spring time.

1. Yulang
Manchurian Pear Tree in the Yulang
Located between the Olympic Park station and ANZ Stadium are rows of Manchurian Pear Trees. The Manchurian Pears were carefully selected in this location to be in bloom for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

2. Gardens leading up to the Treillage
Manchurian Pear trees at the Treillage

Manchurian Pears can also be found leading up to the Treillage in Bicentennial Park and create quite a majestic scene at this time of year, as they have just started to bloom.

3. Heritage Gardens
Daisys in Heritage Garden
This area was originally part of the Homebush Abattoir and is now a wonderful heritage precinct. Located between Dawn Fraser Avenue and Herb Elliott Avenue, the gardens were originally designed by Maiden (a famous director of the Royal Botanic Gardens in colonial days). The front of the building features large palms and cycads while the rear has a formal rose garden and “cottage garden” type plantings. A perfect spot to enjoy a peaceful lunch or morning tea!

4. Brickpit Ring Walk (take Marjorie Jackson entrance)
Native Jasmine at the Brickpit
As you approach the Brickpit your nose will detect the sweet odour of jasmine from plants growing on the fence line. At the Marjorie Jackson entrance, you will also see a magnificent walk bordered by native Casuarina and numerous colourful wattles.

5. Wentworth Common
Teatree at Wentworth Common
Wentworth Common, not far from the Brickpit Ring Walk, is accessed via Bennelong Parkway or Marjorie Jackson Parkway. It has extensive plantings of native plants. Currently the Eucalyptus, grasses, Teatree and paperbark are all beginning the blooming season.

We have an extensive management program of all the green spaces at Sydney Olympic Park so that our flora continues to provide enjoyment for the community.

Need help locating any of these areas? Visit our Sydney Olympic Park map


Manager Green Ranger Team, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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One comment on “Spring has sprung — 5 must see spots to see flowers in full bloom
  1. Ann Collins says:

    beautiful !

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