Tree replacement program on Showground Rd

This week, we planted nine Norfolk Island Pines to line Sydney Showground as sadly Fusarium Wilt, a fungus for which there is no cure or no preventative treatment, has had a devastating impact on our Canary Island Date Palms.

Norfolk Island Pines planted

The Norfolk Island Pines have only replaced trees that had been affected by the Fusarium Wilt. Unfortunately, it is expected that other Canary Island Date Palms along Showground Road will be infected with Fusarium, and will also need to be replaced in the future; we will do this as evidence of the fungus appears.

Root of canary island palm

The root of a Canary Island Date Palm

Norfolk island pineWhy Norfolk Island Pines?
Other than being an attractive tree, the Norfolk Island Pines were selected as they won’t be affected by Fusarium Wilt and will again provide a tall narrow row of trees.

The replacement trees are about 4 to 5 metres tall, so their presence was obvious as soon as planting was complete.


Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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2 comments on “Tree replacement program on Showground Rd
  1. Marianne Paynter says:

    Congratulations on the rejuvenation of this important avenue of trees within the precinct.
    Are you planning to fence the Norfolk Pines until they are established?
    I was in Manly on the weekend and noticed that the smaller trees were protected by a simple fence.

    • Savannah says:

      Hi Marianne,

      Thanks for your comment. The Norfolk Island Pines that we have planted are of top quality and much more mature than what other locations plant, they are already at about 4-5 metres tall. We also have quite a large garden bed around the tree that provides a bit of barrier from pedestrian traffic. At the moment, we are not placing a barrier around these trees as they are so mature, however, we are keeping a close eye on them and if we believe a small fence or some form of barrier is needed we will put that into place. Cheers, Savannah

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