The best way to pick up at Sydney Olympic Park

We are exploring different ways to pick up at Sydney Olympic Park… that is, pick up your friends and family after an event.

For the recent Katy Perry Prismatic World concerts, we coordinated a dedicated pick up area along Olympic Boulevard to allow more people to safely use this road to pick up young concert goers. The road is closed after the drop off period, so that we can control access and direct cars to park at 90 degree angle rear-to-kerb. This doubles the number of cars that can park when compared to normal parking conditions and provides a safer environment for motorists and pedestrians. Once the pick up area is full, we close the road until its safe to reopen.

“My daughter attended the Katy Perry concert on Saturday 13th December. I can offer nothing but praise to the traffic management team who coordinated the pick-up cars on Olympic Boulevard following the concert. I was initially concerned about how picking up my daughter would play out, however the arrangement of reverse parking the cars on either side of the Boulevard worked extremely well and surprisingly there was no bottle-necked traffic congestion upon leaving the Boulevard. “

We have received many compliments like this from customers who picked up this month. So, we will continue to look at the best ways to coordinate pick up areas for future events at the Park.



Executive Manager, Community Engagement & Communications at Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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