Ask a Park Ranger…why is fishing prohibited?

Lake Belvedere in Bicentennial Park

With a great river frontage and numerous lakes and ponds you may wonder why fishing is not allowed in the parklands at Sydney Olympic Park.

So, here is the answer…

  1. To protect local wildlife
    Fishing not only poses a direct threat to wildlife but fishing line is also a major hazard.
    Turtles, fish and birds can become entangled in line that can result in a long starvation death when they can’t escape.
    Find out more about wildlife at Sydney Olympic Park
  2. For your health & safety
    The second reason is in the water and mud itself.
    Fisheries NSW recommends that fish and crustaceans caught west of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Parramatta River, and connected waterways should not be eaten.
    This is due to testing, which has found there are elevated levels of dioxin in fish and crustaceans.

So, as nice as the thought of an afternoon spot of fishing may be, it is illegal to fish within our parklands.


Manager Green Ranger Team, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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11 comments on “Ask a Park Ranger…why is fishing prohibited?
  1. Graham says:

    Just went for a walk down the river, rubbish everywhere. What a shame.
    Giving fishing a bad wrap but no one seems to clean up the banks, plastic everywhere.

    • Savannah says:

      Hi Graham, thanks for the comment. It is a shame to see litter in our waterways. I have passed on your comments to our Manager of Site Presentation as we collect litter along the Riverwalk and the top of the sea wall. However, due to safety issues we do not collect litter from the river or the sea wall itself. We will pass your comments onto Roads and Maritime Services who collect litter from the navigable waters of the Parramatta River.

  2. Tristan bloodworth says:

    i am going to go to Haslams creek tomorrow to go fish the parra river. im gonna check out the creek(wont fish it) and see the wildlife there and hopefully can do abit of cleaning aswell :). Im interested in what kind of species hang around there. Hopefully the area is full of life considering its protected from even going there. And keep up the good work! oh yeah and let me fish there. ill let you know how the population is doing 😉

  3. Brad says:

    Well why are so many idiots still fishing in Haslams creek on the western bank of Newington? After calls to the DPI nothing has changed. Are we nust waiting for them to die from eating the fish from there????

    • Nicole says:

      Hi Brad

      Thanks for your feedback!

      We’re always doing as much as we can to warn our visitors of the dangers of fishing here in the Park but sometimes it’s hard to catch everyone. If you do see someone fishing in the Park please give our Rangers a call on 9714 7700 and we’ll try get someone there asap to sort it out!


      • Brad says:

        Will do! Around lunch time this Sunday as per the previous weekends.. I walked up to the creek a couple of weeks ago to look at tbe water and a couple of bikes were hidden under the bushes. A fellow popped out to both of our surprise. I asked if he was fishing and he emphatically said no… The net clumsily hidden underneath sheets of newspaper indicated otherwise.. I told hom the water was poluted but it fell on deaf ears. Pics supplied if wanted.

      • Brad says:

        Will the same fines apply re fisheries?

      • Nicole says:

        Hi Brad

        Yes, fines do apply. If you are caught on Sydney Olympic Park property with any fishing gear you face fines and gear confiscation under the SOPA Act.

        We have these fines in place to discourage visitors from eating fish that have been swimming in polluted water, it’s all for your own safety! No fish west of the Harbour Bridge are considered safe to eat.

        Let’s hope the idea of receiving a fine or getting gear confiscated stops people from fishing here!

    • Brad says:

      Hi Nicole ,

      Spotted the same guys fishing haslams creek, same spot this afternoon. As I was about to call you guys the were packing up and heading off. I got some video of them cycling down the bick track towards Auburn. Can suply if requested and easily identified. As they were on their way one of your rangers crossed the bridge and I flagged him down but they were to far down the path and would not have been stopped. Ranger was a nice fellow. There was an attempt to conceal their gear but was plain to see (using 2 piece rods) and was the same guy that told me he wasn’t fishing a couple of weeks ago so they know what they are up to…

      • Nicole says:

        Hi Brad
        The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is responsible for administering fisheries laws governing the fisheries resources of the state and they would be the best contact for this. You can contact them via the Fishers Watch Phoneline on 1800 043 536 or submitting the online report form:

      • Graham says:

        Hey brad
        I think your missing the point. People fishing aren’t the problem isn’t the rubbish that floats down into the creek and isn’t cleaned up by Sydney Olympic Park.

        I doubt the person fishing there is going to eat the fish, you can tell by looking at it how dirty it is.

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