How far do you travel to get home?

One of our local residents travels over 20,000kms to be at the Park! Blog post-Latham snipe2

Yes, the Curlew Sandpiper is one of our lovely bird residents at Sydney Olympic Park and travels between the northern Arctic and here each year.

Another guest speaker of Life in the Park free short talks on Sunday 14 September is Phil Straw and he will be speaking on this fascinating topic of the East Asian Australiasian Flyway.

Blog post-Latham snipe1Phil Straw is a Consultant Avian and Wetlands Ecologist and has given us a sneak preview of what he will be sharing on the day…

“The East Asian Australasian Flyway is the pathway used by around 54 species of migratory shorebirds travelling to and from their breeding grounds in the high northern Arctic.

Millions of shorebirds undertake this epic journey every year, covering a distance of over 20,000km per year for some species. They depend on a network of sites separated by hundreds or thousands of kilometres making them difficult to conserve.

The degradation and loss of intertidal feeding habitat poses the greatest threat to shorebirds, with huge areas lost due to reclamation. What can we do to help conserve these fascinating species?”

Find out more by going along to Life in the Park – this Sunday in Bicentennial Park.


Executive Manager, Community Engagement & Communications at Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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