40 days, 40 nights on the nest

Forty days and forty nights is the commitment from our resident Sea-Eagle parents for incubation before hopefully witnessing the hatching of the two eggs.

Sea-Eagles on nest
Having laid the first egg on 4 July, we are expecting the first egg to hatch next week, around 13 August.

It will be very interesting to see when the second egg hatches, as the second eaglet usually has a harder start in life. The first eaglet is usually stronger and bigger by the time its sibling appears.

Both parents have been incubating the eggs, though the female has spent a longer time on the nest, especially at night when she alone incubates. Each morning after a long night shift, she calls for her partner to relieve her.

People from all over the world have been watching the nest activity live via EagleCAM. Next week we expect the worldwide audience to be observing even more intently in the hopes of witnessing the first egg hatch.

If you are interested in watching the egg hatch yourself this is what to look for:

  • Often the first sign is the female Sea-Eagle looking down into the nest and shuffling around
  • The exciting sign is the first “pip” when the chick manages to break a small hole in the shell from inside the egg
  • Breaking free is hard work for the tiny eaglet and may take some time

We will continue to update you on nest activity and hopefully announce the arrival of a new eaglet!


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