Call made for Adelaide to model a play space off Blaxland Riverside Park

Sydney Olympic Park’s adventure playground, Blaxland Riverside Park, has been praised by Dean Jaensch in a recent article in the Adelaide Advertiser.

Child on flying fox at Blaxland Riverside Park

Jaensch calls upon the Adelaide City Council and South Australian State Government to look to, and better still visit, Blaxland Riverside Park, in the hope that the organisation may deliver a similar community asset for the people of Adelaide.

Jaensch highlights the scale of the park, the popularity of the park, and most importantly the unique physically challenging nature of the play space.

He writes:

There is a double flying fox, tunnel slides, scramble walls, a multi-level tree house and a huge water play facility.

As the blurb puts it: the play space pushes the excitement boundaries. It is not intended to provide a totally risk-free environment.

But, as the people I spoke to told me, that is one of the attractions.

They appreciated the opportunity for their children to be physically challenged, and readily accepted that it was their responsibility to supervise carefully.

It’s wonderful to see that Blaxland Riverside Park is not only much loved by the people of New South Wales, but in fact is also being viewed as an exemplary play space, that other cities may model.

Read  the full article


Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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