A little fishy

If you were taking a stroll or riding your bike in Bicentennial Park yesterday afternoon, you may have witnessed a rare sight, fly fishing at Lake Belvedere.

Fishing is actually prohibited here, however, yesterday was a special occasion where Sydney Olympic Park Authority in partnership with the Australian National Sportfishing Association (ANSA) held a fishing activity by licenced ANSA members to reduce the levels of European Carp Cyprinus carpio in the lake.

The European Carp is a freshwater fish that is native to Asia. It is considered a pest in Australia.

Why do we organise fishing of Carp?

  • To control the population of European Carp, an introduced pest, so we can enhance the biodiversity of the Lake by encouraging native fish

What is the impact of Carp on Lake Belvedere?

  • Due to its aggressive behaviour, Carp out-competes its native counterparts and has the potential to eliminate native fish species from the Lake
  • Carp contribute to increased shoreline erosion
  • Carp cause disturbance to sediment that releases nutrients, which are normally bound to the sediment. This can lead to elevated algal populations (including toxic blue-green algae).
  • Carp has an overall negative impact on aquatic plants, invertebrates and water quality
  • Carp is partly responsible for causing the worst bloom of toxic blue-green algal population in NSW in 1996.

The ANFSA licenced members caught 12 Carp weighing between 3.3 and a huge 7.8kgs!

fishing at lake belvederepulling carp out of the water

boy holding carp carp caught


Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator, Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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