A Budding Career with LULU FLORA

The life of a florist is filled with beauty – wafting fragrances and amazing colours. But wait, there’s more!

A normal day starts at the unglamorous time of 5am at the markets.

Daily hazards include thorns, scissors and glass vases. Rashes from Hyacinths, Kangaroo Paw and Grevillia’s are also not uncommon.

Comforting a grieving client choosing funeral flowers and advising on cultural correctness with the choice of flower colours is also part of the job. Whilst the Asian culture loves bright flowers for sympathy, Europeans could be offended, preferring softer colours.

And then there is discretion – what you see on the card, stays on the card!

The Royal Easter Show is Sevi’s largest, single event engaging four staff for two days.

For ANZ Stadium major events, even bathrooms are enhanced with ’ loo loo’ flora flowers !

But the biggest day of the year is undoubtedly Valentines Day. Christmas runs second with office Kris Kringles.

So to be a successful florist you need to be creative, careful with sharp objects, have the discretion of a priest in the confessional, be perceptive, a counsellor, an early riser, preferably not a hay fever sufferer and above all, be passionate about flowers!

Sevi ticks all the boxes!

Call 02 9746 6630 and ask for Sevi, Maddy or Rosie. ‘Like’ Lulu Flora on Facebook.
Valentines 2013


CEO, Sydney Olympic Park Business Association

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