What makes event day work?

“I just wanted to say well done to all those involved in keeping things under control on Sunday 6th October 2013. you had so many events on in the afternoon but everything seemed to run smoothly.”  Customer feedback, received 7 October 2013.

“I also just want to congratulate you and thank the whole team at SOPA – you do a sensational job.  Last night was the second time I took my girls to the 1D concert. The first was the night of the grand final.  Each time I’ve been incredibly impressed with the quality of the work you do – everything feels safe and it’s a great community energy.  The Park is clean and easy to get around and you and all the staff are courteous and helpful and well organised.” Customer feedback, received 26 October 2013.

We have received a large number of compliments relating to 6 October in Sydney Olympic Park – the day that the NRL Grand Final coincided with the EB Games Expo and two One Direction concerts.  So, we thought it a good opportunity to share with you what makes event day at Sydney Olympic Park work.

You may not realise, but every time a customer comes to Sydney Olympic Park to enjoy event day at one of our great venues, their journey and experience has been plotted and planned by experts from many different organisations who are all working to one common goal… making event day as good as can be!

In the weeks leading up to an event, Sydney Olympic Park Authority’s events and operations team meet with key stakeholders, including our major venues ANZ Stadium, Allphones Arena and Sydney Showground, the event promoters (on occasion), traffic and transport authorities and state emergency services to plan and prepare.

Additional bus and train services are scheduled, pre-book car parking is made available.  Communications begin to get the traffic and transport messages out to customers along with some tips about the best way to enjoy their event experience and we alert our community about any possible impacts that may result.  Local restaurants and bars are alerted to prepare for increased business and additional temporary food and entertainment options are arranged for fans.

Ops CentreAnd then event day arrives… the Sydney Olympic Park Operations Centre kicks into action and we sit alongside our friends from Transport for NSW, Roads and Maritime Service, NSW Police and others who help us manage the multitude of people, cars, buses, trains, hire cars and more that turn up to enjoy their event.

Extra staff are rostered, a mix of full time and contract staff, to manage traffic, the flow of cars through the Park’s seven car parks, the pedestrians walking around the Park, the food and entertainment outside the venue and, of course, the main act inside the venue.

Sydney Olympic Park hosts thousands of events each year, of all shapes and sizes with differing levels of complexity and we dedicate hours of planning to make event day special for our customers!

Bus terminal Parking Traffic Management 1 Traffic Management 2 Visitor Services Train station


Executive Manager, Community Engagement & Communications at Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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One comment on “What makes event day work?
  1. allenriddoch says:

    The car parking is the biggest trouble in huge events like this, but if taken care of well then it is definitely puts more fun and energy within a person.

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