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Casuarinas removed to improve frog habitat

Casuarina glauca or Swamp She-oak was the tree-du-jour when the Park was being established, and they were widely planted across the precincts. While the trees offer some benefit such as shade and screening of natural areas from traffic or pedestrian

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Creature Feature – Fairy Martin

Not all birds make nests out of plant material and feathers. The Fairy Martin, a small bird species (~12 cm and 11g) in the same family as swallows, make their bottle-shaped nests with up to 1000 tiny pellets of mud

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Spring Bird Census celebrates its 10th anniversary

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, the annual Spring Bird Census – the largest volunteer-supported ecological survey in the Park – begins once again. Now in its 10th year, the census provides a wealth of long-term

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Michael Jackson The IMMORTAL World Tour breaks record at Allphones Arena

Michael Jackson The IMMORTAL World Tour by the incredible Cirque du Soleil took over Allphones Arena on the last Friday in September at 6am with 37 semi-trailers and over 230 crew and performers to wow audiences later that evening…complete with

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