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The true cost of graffiti

Last weekend, our popular Blaxland Riverside Park playground was vandalised with offensive graffiti. Many patrons commented to our rangers on the day – really it was hard to miss – but most comments were about catching the vandals who had

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Rare sighting: Bittern heron in the Brickpit

The Brickpit at Sydney Olympic Park is a haven for many protected and endangered species. While working with the vegetation in the Brickpit on behalf of Sydney Olympic Park Authority, Jessica Kingcott from Total Earth Care managed to observe and

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Lighting the Park

What is gold and red and blue and brings loads excitement to fans at huge events? That would be the lights at Sydney Olympic Park – a new initiative which adds to the spectacle of major event nights, where a

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Sprinter in full swing

You may be wondering if we are in winter or spring? Well, we may actually be in ‘sprinter’. Australia’s seasons vary dramatically across its vast landscape, and few areas conform to the four season model adopted from the Northern Hemisphere. A

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Unlocking the Park’s secrets for education

Sydney Olympic Park Authority literally holds the keys to some of the Park’s special access areas and the Education team is about providing access to these special areas – unlocking their secrets for education! And that’s what we did last

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Parking spot 128 reserved for special guests

A local employee alerted us to a bird with it’s egg in the car park who becomes very distressed when you walk by. Further investigation by our Ecologists revealed that a pair of Lapwings have laid two eggs on mulch

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