Want to know more about a Park’s Life?


Name: Sydney Olympic Park

Address: In the demographic heart of Sydney (easily found just off the M4, Parramatta Road, Homebush Bay Drive and Silverwater Road or, for those travelling off road, I have my own train station, ferry wharf, 35km of bike paths and great connections!).

Date of birth: Great question… some say it dates back to the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games, others believe it was when I was officially named a suburb in 2009 and there are some still around (although not many) who worked here when I was home to the State Abattoir, State Brickworks and Royal Australian Armaments Depot in the early 20th century. What is clear is that I have a unique and famous past and now a very bright and promising future!

Interests: Attending concerts, sporting events and exhibitions, swimming, fitness and exercise, cycling, art and culture, bird watching, enjoying nature and dining out at great restaurants!

Skills & Achievements:
– Internationally recognised as a leading example of urban renewal and environmental remediation, as well as one of the best examples of a successful Olympic legacy
– Welcome 12 million people each year (and tidy up after them!)
– Host more than 6,000 events each year, including the Southern Hemispheres biggest annual event – the Royal Easter Show
– Home to Australia’s biggest and best performing entertainment and sports venues, including ANZ Stadium, Allphones Arena, Sydney Showground and Sydney Olympic Park’s Aquatic, Athletic, Archery, Hockey and Sports Centres
– Sought after business address, with one of Sydney’s lowest vacancy rates for commercial office space – A leader in sustainable development, boasting the highest standards in environmentally friendly building design and providing recycled water to a growing community
– Hold the biggest collection of large scale, site-specific urban art in Australia
– Home to three endangered ecological communities, over 400 native plant species, over 180 species of native birds, seven species of frogs, 10 species of bats, 10 species of reptiles, many species of fish and many thousands of species of invertebrates
– A great place to live, providing one of Sydney’s largest backyards and a lifestyle that can not be matched anywhere else!

Relationships: Currently single, but I have lots of friends (12 million each year, in fact!)


Executive Manager, Community Engagement & Communications at Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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