Inspiring our leaders of tomorrow

What skills and qualities are required for your role?

Why is this role important to your organisation?

How much do you earn??

These and a myriad of other questions were all on the table when Sydney Olympic Park Authority hosted a group of young Indigenous leaders as part of The Smith Family’s Work Inspirations Program.

The 9 students, along with their mentors, came from as far away as Port Augusta, Alice Springs and Darwin. They quickly made themselves at home, investigating all the different careers to be found at Sydney Olympic Park.

Indigenous work inspiration workshop.jpg

The day started with a speed-connections exercise where students rotated through rapid-fire career conversations with staff from Sydney Olympic Park Authority. From landscape architecture to place management, arts programming and event management, marketing and communications to ecology and education, the young leaders really made the most of every interaction. A common career story was that despite many winding pathways, people often find a way back to their area of passion.

The rest of the day was spent exploring behind the scenes of the Park with an all-access-pass taking students through careers at the Aquatic Centre, Operations Centre, all around the parklands and wetlands and even meeting our Artists in Residence at Newington Armory.


The main aims were to engage and inspire, to broaden students’ horizons and encourage their aspirations. If their long lists of potential careers were anything to go by, the day was an outstanding success.

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Cycling into Bike Week

Is there any better way to get some exercise while taking in the breathtaking views of Sydney Olympic Park than getting on a bike and going for a relaxing ride?

With Bike Week in full swing now, there is no better reason to dust off that old bicycle, strap on a helmet and get riding around the Park on one of our many bike trails while at the same time discovering Olympic icons, spectacular parklands and areas of cultural heritage along the way.

Bike - Image courtesy of PKR.jpg

Image courtesy of Paul K Robbins

NSW Bike Week is an annual celebration of cycling, encouraging people from all walks of life to get on a bike and ride, running from Saturday 17 September to Sunday 25 September.

Park Bikes, located on Murray Rose Ave in the Park, have started Parklife Cycling Club and are running two rides next Saturday; a beginner 20km ride with a free skills session, and a 50km intermediate ride.

Parklife Cycling Club is a fresh, new inclusive cycling community that provides support for all cyclists, non-racing and racing, non-members and members, through care, support and motivation, aiming to promote cycling as both a sport and a recreation.

Bike 2 - Image courtesy of PKR.jpg

Image courtesy of Paul K Robbins

Sydney Olympic Park will also be hosting the biggest ever Festival of Cycling throughout September and October, starting with a triathlon on Saturday 28 September.

With so many great bike riding opportunities in the Park, you won’t want to miss out on all the fun and excitement this season, so grab a friend, the kids or even just yourself and go for a ride we guarantee you’ll want to do over and over again!

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Blooming into the Games

Olympic legacy is very topical, now that the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games have drawn to a close.

Sydney Olympic Park is considered one of the most successful example of lasting Olympic legacy and we are committed to ensuring the Olympic Legacy lives on.

With our diverse array of plant life in the Park, planting trees with a strong connection to the Games is something we pride ourselves on. In the lead up to the Sydney 2000 Games, rows of ornamental Manchurian Pear trees were planted around the train station. With heart-shaped leaves and spectacular autumn colour, the Manchurian Pears bloom with scented white flowers in September, marking the occasion of the Opening Ceremony.


To continue this tradition, pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’ trees or more commonly known as Callery Pear Trees have been planted along Murray Rose Avenue outside the new NRMA building. Callery Pear Trees also grow spring flowers, have spectacular autumn foliage and provide summer shade.


The improvement works along Murray Rose Avenue will not only see the planting of these trees, but also improved pavement surfacing from asphalt to durable ‘large format’ pavers and instillation of ‘heel safe’ (and café chair friendly) tree grates at the base of each replacement street tree.

Sydney Olympic Park is not only a place of living, learning and working, but also a place to stop and take in the beautiful scenery. Take the time to walk along Murray Rose Avenue and have a look at the new Callery Pear Trees, stopping to grab a coffee at one of the many great cafes along the way.

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Rio Paralympics light up in time for 16th Anniversary of Sydney Olympic Games

The Rio Paralympic Games are well underway and our athletes are in the best shape we’ve ever seen with the medal tally stacking up higher and higher by the day.

Our athletes have shown tremendous strength, resilience and humility and we are proud to have them represent our nation at the Games.

The Australian Paralympic Committee is based in Sydney Olympic Park with their headquarters having been grounded here for over a decade. Many of our Paralympic athletes use the facilities in the Park to train and compete in preparation for the Games.

Here at Sydney Olympic Park, the legacy of the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games is something that burns bright in our minds and what better way to celebrate this than to light the Olympic Cauldron one last time this year for the 16th anniversary of the Sydney 2000 Games.


Head to Jacaranda Square on Thursday 15 September to watch our Aussie athletes take on the rest of the world and then follow us to Cathy Freeman Park to light the Cauldron in honour of the 16th anniversary of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games!

Screening of the Paralympic Games –
When: Thursday 15 September – Sunday 18 September, 5am – 11am
Where: Jacaranda Square, Park St

Lighting of the Cauldron –
When: Thursday 15 September, 12pm – 4pm
Where: Cathy Freeman Park

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Eaglet Update

Spring has begun and as the weather gets warmer, our eaglet gets bigger!

With mum and dad ensuring their eaglet is growing stronger by the day (with dad putting in the hard work to provide prey); the young one is losing its white fluffy down and growing real feathers just like its parents. This means that it will be able to thermo-regulate and will require less brooding by the adults.


The little one is growing more independent by the day, with longer and stronger legs meaning it can now stand and move about the nest as well as grab at food and start to feed itself.

Eaglet 2.jpg

Don’t miss your chance to watch the eaglet keep growing and eventually spread its wings; get onto our EagleCAM now and see for yourself!

Eaglet 3.jpg

Free bird walks are hosted on the last Sunday of every month at the BirdLife Discovery Centre; run by BirdLife Australia. It is open to the public every weekend at Newington Armory, so bring the family for a fun day out!


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Operation Art – just what the doctor ordered

There is no doubt that creating art has positive benefits to children’s health; but it is knowing that you have put a smile on a child’s face who needs an escape from the reality of medical tests, procedures and treatments that is most valuable.

That is what Operation Art is – the opportunity for children to create a piece of work that will brighten a hospital room and give hope to the kids who are in them. It builds a community that is open to expressing feelings and building confidence in our youth.

The 22nd annual Operation Art exhibition will see student artworks from all over New South Wales channel creativity and positivity in the hope to make unwell children smile.

Operation Art.jpg

Operation Art Project Officer, Lisa van den Dolder, said the artworks on display this year reinforced the power artwork has to influence mood and emotion.

“You can’t help but smile as you walk around the exhibition. The artworks are all so bright, colourful and optimistic, truly reflecting what Operation Art is all about – cheering up children in hospital,” she said.

“This year we have more schools participate in Operation Art than ever before and it is really inspiring to know that behind each of these artworks is a student who wants to help their peers towards recovery. For children in hospital, art offers a place to escape from the real world of tests, procedures and treatments and provides them with a space for their imaginations to thrive and I think the students this year have really understood that.”

The event will also include family activities, science workshops hosted by ANSTO and performances by featured artists from this year’s Schools Spectacular, the NSW Public Schools Millennium Marching Band and the PULSE Public Schools Big Band.

The exhibition is open to everyone, so come along and immerse yourself in the display of hope and sincerity that is Operation Art.

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Call for Aussies to beat their personal best

We all know that exercise has its benefits, from improving mental well being to reducing the risk of chronic health conditions, but are we doing anything about it?

With the start of spring and the warm weather peeking out from behind the clouds, what better time to unpack those joggers and go outside for a dose of vitamin D than now.

Rhodes Parkrun offers an opportunity for the local community, male or female, young or old, to come together on a regular basis to enjoy this beautiful park and get physically active. No matter your ability, you can get involved in this great free event and get active for a 5km timed walk, jog or run.

Take in the beautiful views on your way with the course beginning in Concord West, Bicentennial Park just off Victoria Avenue, passing through Homebush Bay Drive and Rhodes Waterside shopping centre before heading back to finish in Bicentennial Park.


Saturday 3 September will see a special event, Personal Better Day, aim to encourage the community to join Parkrun and set their own ‘personal better’ by simply participating in the event, or by crossing the finishing line in record time.

With the target set for more than 25,000 Aussies to take part nationwide this weekend, grab a hat, some sunscreen and join in the fun to help set the new record.

Event Details
When: 8:00am, Saturday 3 September 2016
Where: Rhodes parkrun, Bicentennial Park, Victoria Avenue entrance, Concord West

Register now to take part in Personal Better Day

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