Revel in the summer break

Summer. What a time to be alive. And what better place to enjoy it than at Sydney Olympic Park and our neighbouring suburb Rhodes!

This scorching season will see a flurry of exciting activities and events for the whole family with the Revel in Rhodes Summer Event Program showcasing everything on offer. From education and volunteering opportunities to sport and movies, no stone has been left unturned.


Check out the Revel in Rhodes Summer Event Program and our What’s On page and start planning your summer so you don’t miss out!

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Managing pests in the Park

It’s summer. You’re out taking a walk in the sunshine. The birds are chirping and the water is calm. Suddenly you feel something bite you. It’s those pesky mosquitoes again.

Unfortunately mosquitoes like to come out and play at the same time we do and Sydney Olympic Park, like a number of other areas along the Parramatta River, contains extensive wetland and saltmarsh areas, which are natural breeding habitats for saltwater mosquitoes.

Saltwater mosquitoes (Aedes vigilax) can particularly reach nuisance levels each year during their breeding season, which takes place in the warmer months.

No need to fret though! We’ve got a plan to keep those pests away!

We have been working with scientists from the Sydney University Department of Medical Entomology for many years to implement a proactive and extensive mosquito management program which aims to reduce pest mosquitoes in the Park and improve your comfort.


Whilst the Park’ wetlands are natural habitats for more than 40 species of mosquitoes, only one species often reaches nuisance level of populations during summer months. Our mosquito management program primarily aims to improve habitats so that pest mosquitoes cannot breed to excess proportions. Improved habitats are also beneficial to all our other aquatic life.

So how does the mosquito management program help?

Aerial and ground control spraying activities (with a bacterial larvicide containing Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis; also known as Bti) take place in some selected mangrove forest and saltmarsh areas of the parklands at Sydney Olympic Park. When the treatments occur depends on the basis of tide, rainfall, air temperature and larval stage.

The larvicide used in the control program is considered safe to people, pets, other fauna and the environment so you can keep enjoying the beautiful parklands while we undertake the treatment.

Want to know more about mosquitoes and the program? Read all about it on our fact sheet.

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Team work to do clean work

group of volunteers

What do you get when you mix litter with a group of employees? A great result for the environment!

Sydney Olympic Park Authority has joined up with Conservation Volunteers Australia to deliver an exciting array of employee engagement opportunities in the New Year.

You and your work mates can take part in litter collection and planting projects over the course of the 2017 program at various locations within the Park, including Blaxland Riverside Park river walk, Badu Mangroves, Haslams Creek and Kronos Hill.

Why get involved?

Litter affects plant growth and threatens wildlife. Your participation is a fantastic team building exercise that will increase employee morale, encourage group cooperation and conserve the important habitat of our native wildlife. Plus, you’ll feel awesome!

To celebrate our 2017 program, we are hosting a kick off event for locals to join us for a rewarding morning to help make our Park cleaner.

When: 9am – 12pm Tuesday 6 December 2016
Where: Bicentennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park (location is subject to change)
What: litter collection
RSVP: 12pm Friday 2 December 2016 (registrations are essential)

Want to get involved? Register now to take part in this fantastic team building opportunity!

Check out our flyer for more information about each day we have on offer.

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Water quality to improve water play

Summer is right around the corner and the one thing at the top of everyone’s mind is cooling down with some fun at Blaxland Riverside Park’s water play.

We want to make sure that you are always having not only the best time, but also the safest time so we will be undertaking works on the water play feature to improve the water quality.

From Monday 14 November to Monday 28 November 2016, we will be installing new chlorine and dosing pumps to improve our water quality and filtration system.


This does mean that the water play will be closed for the works to be completed; however we have ensured that it will be done as quickly as possible so that you can get back to splashing around in no time!

What do these works mean for you? More time to play! We can extend our hours during the hot summer months so you get more time to enjoy the sun.

But don’t forget that other sections of the playground, as well as playgrounds and play spaces in other sections of the Park are available at Wentworth Common, Cathy Freeman Park and Bicentennial Park.

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Managing fire risks in Sydney Olympic Park

As the weather in Sydney heats up, so do the risks around fires in Sydney Olympic Park.

Making sure our residents, workers, visitors, wildlife and Parklands are safe has always been a priority, and this is intensified during fire season.

Our Fire Risk Management Plan identifies the risks that the Park faces and sets out a continuous program of coordinated treatments to reduce these fire risks. Some of these treatments include hazard reduction burning, slashing, removal of fuel loads and community education.

2. Aerial image Ethan Rohloff SOP_4422.jpg

Image courtesy of Ethan Rohloff

How can you help manage fire risks this season? Follow these handy hints and tips:

  • clean up fallen leaves, twigs and debris around the property and in gutters
  • Keep lawns short and gardens well maintained
  • Cut back trees and shrubs overhanging buildings
  • Test smoke alarms regularly and change the battery at least once every 12 months
  • Don’t overload power points and switch off household appliances when not in use
  • Never leave open fires unattended and always screen with a proper fireguard
  • Never ever leave cooking unattended.
  • Always extinguish candles or any other open flames before going to bed. Never leave candles or any other open flames unattended.

Let’s continue to work together to manage fire risks and keep our Park safe during the 2016 Summer Fire Season.

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Discovering the Millennium Parklands Railway

Not many people know that Sydney Olympic Park has its own heritage railway, so we asked our own ‘fat controller’ Todd to share more about this unique asset.

The Millennium Parklands Railway at Sydney Olympic Park’s Newington Armory has been in almost continuous use since its construction in 1909. Built to move munitions within the site of the original Australian Navy Armament Depot the railway was converted for passenger use following the handover of the RANAD site to the Olympic Co-ordination Authority in 1999 and subsequently the Sydney Olympic Park Authority in 2001. Full accreditation, under the Rail Safety Act, to operate a passenger service, was granted in 2003 following the design and construction of unique narrow gauge passenger carriages.

_PKR0748 Heritage train.jpg

Image courtesy of Paul K Robbins

To maintain Sydney Olympic Park Authority’s accreditation to operate the train and carry passengers, the railway, including the locomotives, passenger carriages, historical rollingstock and the rail track and points are inspected annually by the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR). The regulator audits the operating systems, train driver and guard/ guide medical certification and training, records of train movements, including a unique voice activated recording of train driver and guard communication, passenger numbers, track and rollingstock inspection and maintenance records, incident reporting and risk assessment records and procedures.

The Armory Railway guided tours are available for all ages so get the family together and book a tour for a historic adventure.

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GPOP and a city-shaping vision

We are really excited to be part of GPOP – the Greater Parramatta and Olympic Peninsula – which is Sydney’s true centre and set to be the connected and unifying heart of our growing city.

Check out more about the exciting future of GPOP in this video from the Greater Sydney Commission. (And, thanks to Andrea and our friends at ParkBikes for their help in telling the story!)

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